Crews Battle To Keep Power Running

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Quincy, Fla. 2-25-13

As the rain falls and the wind blows, power companies are preparing to stay on top of things.

The dispatch center for Talquin Electric Cooperative in Quincy has all of its employees on-call to help with any power outages that might occur. inside the center, workers can monitor the radar, as well as all trucks on the road out to restore power.

The company has added a text alert system that customers can sign up for when power goes out and when it will be restored.

"You can go to Talquin's website and there's a location there to sign up for the text messaging," said director of operations Allen Shepard.

Talquin started using the alert system back in September. The company says because the large amount of rainfall, restoring power in certain areas could take longer than usual.

Talquin's website is listed here:

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