Crist-ory: GOP Takes Shots At Former Florida Governor

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By: Mike Vasilinda
June 13, 2013

Former Governor Charlie Crist is speaking to Democrats in Governor Rick Scott’s home town of Naples on Saturday. Later that night, the former GOP Governor will attend a Democratic fundraiser and gala on the East coast. The Republican Party of Florida has begun taking daily shots at the former Republican turned Democrat Governor.

Welcome to the Crist-ory channel. Each day, the Republican party of Florida releases something that former governor Charlie Crist said on that day. “This man Bob Graham was a giant”, says Charlie Crist.

The missives are proof the GOP is taking Crist’s potential run for his old job, this time as a Democrat, seriously. “We just feel like Floridians ought to know who Charlie Crist is. There is a history there and there is a record there”, said Lenny Curry, Chairman RPOF.

The man Crist would face, Governor Rick Scott who never utters the former governor’s name. When a reported questioned Governor Scott, “What do you think of Republican party’s daily missive about Charlie Crist?” Governor Scott’s reply was “I think you’d have to ask the Republican party.”

But Scott regularly points out differences in the economy from when Crist was Governor. “Two years ago we met facing crippling debt, record high unemployment, and a downward spiral of job losses” says Governor Scott.

Unclear is whether the GOP wants Crist to run or not. “The record is actually a record of failure” said Curry.

Democratic strategists say the constant reminders will only help Crist among Democrats. “He’s got questions that he needs to answer from when he was a Republican governor but that should come from Democrats, the Republican party attacking Charlie Crist only strengthens him in the Democratic party” said former Democratic Party Executive Director Screven Watson.

No one has ever been governor and then left then run again let alone be successful at it from another party. The republicans are spending thousands of dollars to make sure Charlie Crist doesn’t make that history.

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