Current Version of GED Test Set To Expire, Could Lose Previous Scores

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By: Kara Duffy
May 21, 2013

Thomasville, GA- Alison Acutt moved to Thomasville all the way from England two years ago; And for the past year, she's made it her mission to complete her GED.

"I've completed four out of the five subjects in order to complete my GED," said Acutt, who's been taking GED preparation classes at Southwest Georgia Technical College. "I've just got my math section remaining."

Those who have taken the current GED test, like Acutt, but have not yet finished all five parts have until the end of this year to pass. If not, they'll have to start all over. It's an issue educators say could impact thousands of people just in Georgia alone.

"Statewide we have about 90,000 people who have started the test since 2002 and have yet to complete it," said Dale Aldridge, the Executive Director Of Adult Education at Southwest Georgia Technical College. "Here in our testing center, which covers Thomas, Grady and Mitchell Counties; we have a little over 1,100."

The new version of the test will go into effect January 1st 2014 and educators say, students can expect to see some big changes.

"The new test will be entirely on the computer," Aldridge said. "There will be four parts instead of five; they're combining a couple of parts. Essay is changing completely; they don't use the word essay anymore. It'll be short answers."

Teachers recommend students take advantage of the free prep classes offered throughout the state.

"I've worked so hard already to get this far and I'm so close to finishing this last part," Acutt said. "It'll be a really good thing if I can finish before December!"

For a list of prep classes offered at SWGTC go to:

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