Cyberbullying Hits Home for Local Teen

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Blythe Newsome never thought it would happen to her daughter.

"She was just acting, not like her normal happy self and I really did attribute it to just being in high school and some changes."

Newsome soon found out that it was much more than high school nerves. Her 14 year old was being cyberbullied for weeks, harassed on a fake Facebook account that someone had made pretending to be her.

"They'd say these really bad things on people's pages that I would never ever say," says Newsome's daughter.

The taunting went on for weeks before she decided to tell her mom what was going on. The concerned mom said she contacted every one she could think of only to be told that nothing could be done to stop it, something that made her motherly instinct kick in even more.

"There is this animal like instinct that any parent knows about that you have a divine right to be able to protect your child, and I'm being told that I can't protect her I can't protect her from the things that are being said and done on the internet."

While bullying happens every day in the halls at school, many don't realize that the same thing can happen in your own home - on the internet.

The teenager has moved to a new school because of the incident but knows cyber-bullying can follow you anywhere.

"I think everyone gets bullied at least once in a while, but I never thought I would be, because I'm not like the type, the mean kind I guess."

Newsome says she's told that police may have been able to finally track down an IP address and are hoping to catch the bully soon and take action against whoever it is.

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