DCF Receives Increased Grant Award For Child Abuse Prevention

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Press Release: The Department of Children and Families

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—The Department of Children and Families (DCF) today announced that in spite of a five percent reduction in federal funding, Florida received more money for child abuse prevention. The funds come from the Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) federal grant which was impacted by sequestration. DCF received a 12.7 percent increase in funding over last year due to increased efforts to leverage additional dollars for prevention.

“We will not be discouraged by diminished financial support from the federal government, because we know the needs of the children and families we serve have not decreased,” DCF Interim Secretary Esther Jacobo said. “Our state has shown a commitment to prevention initiatives and that has paid off with increased funding for programs that keep children and families from ever having to know DCF.”

DCF was able to increase the state’s grant award this year by showing Florida’s financial commitment to prevention initiatives. In the past year, Florida funded initiatives aimed at supporting groups of homeless veterans and their families, child sexual abuse prevention awareness and family violence prevention.

In keeping with the federal requirements, additional funding will be directed toward public awareness and education about preventing child abuse and neglect. In addition, programs will target services to vulnerable families that are at risk of abuse or neglect. The additional funding will also be used to support evidence-based and evidence-informed child abuse prevention programs and practices.

The purpose of the CBCAP program is to support community-based efforts to develop, operate, expand and enhance initiatives to prevent child abuse and neglect. The program supports the coordination of resources and activities to strengthen and support families to reduce the likelihood of child abuse and neglect.

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