Damaged Residential Street Looks More Like A Cliff

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By Greg Gullberg
March 17, 2013

White Springs, FL - If a careless driver were to try to make it down this street, it would be like driving off of a cliff, literally. The 15 foot drop would be more than enough to total a car.

There is a massive gap in Jewett Street in White Springs, Florida, maybe the biggest victim of Tropical Storm Debby in Hamilton County.

"The biggest impact has probably been for the school children. This is the bus route. So the bus route had to be redirected to another street," said White Springs Mayor Helen Miller.

The gap is about 30 feet across. That means you could fit two cars across there bumper-to-bumper and still have a little room left over.

This is the fifth time it's happened to this very street. Mayor Miller says that's because the culverts on the bottom were far too small to take on that much water. And when push came to shove, the whole thing just gave in.

Now they've designed a new street with much larger culverts which should prevent this from happening again in our lifetimes. So how likely is FEMA to pay for it?

"We've been assured that the funds will be forthcoming and we should know in a week or two. So we've got our fingers crossed that the repairs can start and this can be back to normal in a couple of months."

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