Day Three Of Red Hill International Horse Trials Has One Duo Excited For The Future

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By: Bailey Myers
March 8th, 2014

Tallahassee FL- Thousands came out once again to compete and even watch as the Red Hill International Horse Trails completed day three of the competition.

We caught up with one of the younger competitors, 17 year old Tallahassee native, Briggs Surratt, who told us "To have such a good relationship with your horse- it's important because it makes your horse trust you. They might help you out."

That's why Surrat and his horse Hatrick work so hard to make sure the bond between them is strong.

Surrat's trainer Rick Wallace explained, "You have to have a horse that can gallop and jump these jumps over a mile of course and then come back and recover from that. And also make it through that and be able to make the jumps from start to finish."

That's why Surrat spends his days at school and about six days a week at the stables working with Hatrick. It's a long process but one Surrat says is worth it because in the end the two have accomplished something together.

"These young riders who are in school and getting their education while trying to get into college really benefit from being responsible for another being" Wallace explained.

With a successful trip to the Red Hills Competition, both Surrat and Hatrick are able to move on to the next competition.

The final day of the Red Hill International Horse Trails competition will end Sunday. The event goes from 10:30 AM to 3:00 P.M.

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