Locals Gather at Capitol for 'Day of Resistance' Rally

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
February 23, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Tallahassee residents on both sides of the gun control issue voiced their opinions at the state capitol Saturday morning.

John Durnil was an army of one when he came early to the Day of Resistance Rally. The event later brought out others to march to the Capitol.

"To stand up for the constitution and to let people know that their rights are being taken from them," said Durnil on why he wanted to attend the rally.

This local demonstration is part of a national movement that people believe locally, can help protect the Second Amendment rights of all Americans.

David Callihan, who organized the event, also felt strongly about his stance on the Second Amendment.

"If we are not willing to stand up and say enough is enough, that things need to be carefully protected, they'll be taken from us," said Callihan.

There were locals on both sides of the issue. While some showed opposition to President Obama's Gun Control Proposal , others came to show their support.

Some tension was felt between the two opposing sides and law enforcement had to step in.

"Things got rowdy, but law enforcement officials separated the two sides. Either way they all agree on one thing, and that is letting your voice be heard. It is never a mistake," said an attendee.

Gun proponents hope the event can get people in the mood to let their opinion be heard.

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