DeSoto Trail Elementary Hosts "DeSoto Bowl" [GALLERY]

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It looks like it will be a full football weekend besides celebrating Florida State's National Championship tomorrow.

Super Bowl XLVIII is this Sunday, but in Tallahassee, the Super Bowl was played two days early on a smaller scale - like much smaller.

The DeSoto Trail Elementary Super Bowl kicked off its sixth year with about 150 mini football players, cheerleaders, mascots, and fans.

Kids from Kindergarten through 5th grade participated.

Of course, it was the Denver Broncos versus the Seattle Seahawks.

The anticipation for the game was building all week.

"They're preparing, they're prepping, they're doing their little skits and telling each other, 'oh, we're going to win. This team's going to win,' all the way throughout the year...throughout the week," said Dr. Cassandra Poole.

The Seahawks won the game 49-35.

No word on whether they will be going to Disney World.

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