Decatur County Gets Ready For Privatizing EMS

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By: Emily Johnson
June 25, 2014

Decatur County, GA - Decatur County Emergency Medical Services is in the process of remodeling its 1940's building, but that's just one of the many changes recently made to the organization.

Elijah McCoy who is the Warden of the Decatur County Prison, is right now pulling double duty as the Interim Director of the Decatur County EMS.

"I have taken over for the last two weeks and it's been a long long journey and a long ways to go," said Warden McCoy.

This renovation project is all part of an agreement to update the building before Grady EMS of Atlanta comes in to take over emergency operations from the county.

Along with all the updates on the inside of the building, Decatur County EMS will also be getting state-of-the-art ambulances when the new company comes in.

"Our trucks have a lot of high miles on them and they're coming in now and providing us trucks that have low mileage," said Warden McCoy.

Decatur County said moving to a private company for its Emergency Medical Services will be better for the community.

"As far as tax payers I think it is going to save us a lot more money to go private, just liability alone is going to save time and money," said Warden McCoy.

The updates to the building will be done by August 1st and Grady EMS of Atlanta is set to take over on September 1st.

This will be the second county in our coverage area to privatize their EMS. Seminole County is going with Mid-Georgia as their EMS provider on July 1st.

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