Tablets Change Learning For Decatur County Schools

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By: Kara Duffy
October 14, 2013

Decatur County, GA - The Decatur County School System has recently purchased 1200 new Android Tablets for their students to use as part of their 'TabPilot' initiative.

School officials say the goal of the program is to offer mobile technology opportunities for students and teachers in the classroom; and with more than a thousand applications available to download, the learning possibilities are endless.

"Technology is the future of education and our students are ready to develop their skills. The TabPilots are going to be very good tools for the teachers to use to enhance their daily instruction," said April Helms, a Jones-Wheat Elementary Media Specialist.

The new tablets have a special feature that allows teachers to control what students can and cannot access on the tablet.

"A teacher can determine what applications are pushed out to the devices and they are locked into that so students don't have free access to the Android Console or other things that are on the Android Tablet," said Dana Bryant, the LC Director at Bainbridge Middle School.

The TabPilots will be utilized at every grade level at all eight Decatur County Schools.

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