Defense Squadron Deploys From Moody

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By Eames Yates
June 27, 2013

Lowndes County, GA -Members of the Eight Twenty Third Defense Squadron said goodbye to their families and friends at Moody Air Force Base Thursday morning. They'll be deploying to South West Asia and the base says the troops will probably see combat.

Airman First Class Christian Bolander said "I'm ready for something like that. I take it seriously. And I take it personally."

Airmen First Class Bolander's dad Bryan also served in the military, deploying overseas for two years. He said "I know he's in good hands and everything will be fine."

A total of one hundred and sixty airmen saw their loved ones wave goodbye. For families like the Jefferson's, losing mom to a six month deployment is tough.

Ronald Jefferson's wife is deploying. He said "you become mr. mom in a sense. you make dinner, you're the taxi, you do everything and to some degree that makes it easier becuase you are busy taking care of the house and what not so it helps you to get through it."

Arianna Perry's mom is deploying. She said "she's supported me forever and I'm glad she has and I know she's going to come home safe and sound and that's pretty much all I'm worried about."

For security reasons Moody would not give an exact location as to where the airmen are being deployed.

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