Deputies Arrest Two In String Of Missing Road Signs

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By: Emily Johnson
June 18, 2014

Thomasville, GA - The Thomas County Sheriff's Office may have found the culprits behind a string of missing road signs.

19-year-old Michael Bass is charged with Criminal Interference with Government Property.

18-year-old Caleb Storey is charged with Criminal Interference with Government Property and DUI.

"We've been working on it for a little while and we do have other names that aren't associated with those individuals. We're working it as a whole, but there's going to be multiple suspects it appears," said Investigator Louis Schofill, Thomas County Sheriff's Office.

Bass and Storey were arrested Saturday night. Deputies found Bass and Storey sitting in a truck with it's lights off at the intersection of US 19 and Egg & Butler Road. The deputies then found a stop sign that had been yanked out of the ground connected to the truck by a chain.

The stop sign has since been put back in its place. At the beginning of this week investigators discovered that Bass and Storey are linked to other signs stolen in Thomas County.

Thomas County Sheriff's Office says stealing road signs in a serious offense and is more than just a simple prank, it could put people's lives at risk.

"Signs are put up for a reason, that's to warn or to give direction," said Captain Steve Jones, Thomas County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson.

At this time TCSO said they don't have an exact number of how many signs have been stolen. TCSO said most of the time a missing road sign gets reported straight to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

TCSO said if you where other missing road signs are located to call them at 229-225-3300.

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