Deputy Gives Back To Homeless

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Story by James Buechele

Tallahassee, Fla.

One Leon County sheriff's deputy wants to make sure the homeless are taken care of in the community.

It all started by chance on fall day in Tallahassee and now, things have taken off.

Deputy Rachel Keller has been giving back to a group of homeless men in Tallahassee living in the woods since October and word has spread fast about her generosity.

Keller says she remembers meeting a homeless man in just shorts and a shirt on a cold fall day. She immediately went to a store and bought jackets and blankets for the man. She later was introduced to where he lives at a camp on private land in town. Since then, Keller has collected everything from clothes to supplies for the dozen or so men living at the camp.

"I have learned a lot about compassion from them," said Keller. The compassion that they show to one another and taking care of one another."

Keller says she's not just doing this because of the holidays and says there are needs year round. She stops by the camp when more donations come in. She asked we do not shoot the camp site where the men live.

If you want to help Rachel you can email her at

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