Derby Duck Race Kicks Off at Wild Adventures to Help Feed the Hungry

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By Eames Yates
April 13, 2013

Valdosta, GA -

The Derby Duck Race kicked off on Saturday at Wild Adventures.
One Valdosta resident said "we bought one hundred and twenty nine ducks."

Ten thousand ducks were released in the park's Paradise River. They were bought for five dollars each. The lucky ducks who came in first won prizes including Chick-Fil-A for a year, a golf cart, a quail hunt and a check for $5 thousand dollars.

Second Harvest of South Georgia hosted the race. All the money raised went to help feed the hungry.

Eliza McCall is the Chief Marketing Officer for Second Harvest of South Georgia. She said "one in five people in south west georgia, in our thirty county service area, is hungry and one in four children."

The money from a single duck will feed one child a hot meal each evening for one week.

McCall went on to say "as we come into summer a lot of the kids that are getting free lunch at school won't have that anymore so what we're doing here today is raising money that will help feed those children."

Kimberly McDaniel know's all about helping kids. She's fostered nearly fifty children over the last five years.

She said "we take care of them for a little while and some of them have stayed and never left because they started to grow too much in our hearts and we adopted them."

Second Harvest of South Georgia distributes more one-million pounds of food every month. As for the five thousand dollar cash prize. It went to Lisa Woods of Valdosta.

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