Leon County Detectives Arrest Woman for Exploitation of Elderly

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UPDATED 10.30.2012 by Julie Montanaro

A caregiver is accused of exploiting an 89 year old man and deputies fear she may have milked him for nearly 100-thousand dollars.

54 year old Betty Clark was arrested Monday. She's accused of exploiting money from an elderly Tallahassee man.

Deputies say the man felt he had no choice but to give the woman money for a series of emergencies. The price tag for those "emergencies"? $16,000 in cash and checks and a $17,000 car.

"These emergencies ran the gamut from reading glasses to make up to a vehicle and everything in between including large sums of cash in the form of checks that were cashed in the name of the caregiver," said LCSO Spokesman James McQuaig.

Deputies say the elderly man lives in Stonegate. Clark has been a caregiver for him since 2006.

Now deputies are searching years of bank records and financial records.

They fear the losses may ultimately be close to 100-thousand dollars.

Leon County Sheriff's Office Release

Leon County, FL - On October 26, 2012, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office received information from the family of an 89 year old man which indicated that a care giver may have been stealing money from him. Detectives with the Financial Crimes Unit began examining financial records and were able to determine that Betty J. Clark, 54, had received in excess of $16,000.00 above her salary for providing care from the elderly man. Detectives also learned that Clark had convinced the man to purchase a $17,000.00 car for her.

When speaking with the victim, Detectives were told the money was for emergencies and that he felt as though he had to comply with Clark’s requests. During an interview with Clark, she acknowledged that she had taken advantage of the elderly man. Clark was arrested and taken to the Leon County Jail.

Detectives believe that this type of criminal activity has been occurring since 2006. This investigation is continuing and additional charges are forthcoming.

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