Divorce Coach: January Has More Divorces Than Any Other Month

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Audrey Silcox is a divorce coach and mediator. She says the month of January usually sees the highest number of divorces in our country.

"Well, January has been nicknamed Divorce month because there's so many filings historically for the month," Wilcox said.

So, what's so special about divorce during this month? Many attorneys attribute the January upswing in divorce filings to holidays and to people who want to wait for income tax returns.

"A lot of the thoughts behind that is that it's a new year, so with a new year becomes new beginnings," Wilcox added.

We asked local residents about their reaction to the divorce month claim.

"I think it's probably because people want to wait until after the holidays," said Florida Parrish.

Tristan Owens added, "I think that if you had a hard marriage throughout 2012, I think the new year, 2013, would be the year for you to go on and try to make a transition."

Census data shows in 2009, there were close to 80,000 people who were divorced in Florida. That figure is more than half the 141,000 people who married that same year.

Silcox said January is not only a time to talk about divorce, but also the children who sometimes get caught in between it.

"January is known for international child centered divorce month. We try to educate parents, let them know not only is divorce stressful for them, but also their children," she said.

We tried to put the divorce month to test in Leon county, but records won't be available until next week.

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