Doctor Delivers Own Son In Hospital Parking Lot

Newborn Baby Stabbed by Mother
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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) -- A doctor got to deliver his own son -- in a Fort Lauderdale hospital parking lot.
The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Thursday that Dr. Timothy Hawkes was speeding his wife Katelin and their two other children to the hospital after she went into labor.
The baby started to come out as they raced down Interstate 595 and arrived just as they pulled into the Broward Health Medical Center's emergency room parking lot early Tuesday. Hawkes is an orthopedist but said he knew he had to deliver the baby or let him fall on the car floor.
William Carter Hawkes is healthy and was home for Thanksgiving. Hawkes said his son's middle name - Carter -- will be a reminder where it all began.

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