Doctor Released From Jail After Second Contempt Finding

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A Tallahassee doctor sent to jail a second time for contempt of court has been released.

Mark Hash was let out of the Leon County Jail late Friday after spending 11 days there.

Judge Karen Gievers sentenced Hash to nearly six months in jail for contempt in the custody case of his 16 year old son Alec.

However, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's office issued an opinion stating Hash was sent to jail without due process.

Following that opinion, the District Court of Appeal ordered Hash's release.

The appellate court issued a similar order when Judge Gievers sent Hash to jail the first time in June.

However, Jim Banks, the attorney for Hash's ex-wife, says he'll keep filing contempt motions if the doctor continues to ignore court orders.

Banks says the custody case could be resolved if Hash and his son agree to court ordered psychological testing.

By: Andy Alcock
October 2, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - Judge Karen Gievers found Tallahassee doctor Mark Hash guilty of contempt today and sentenced him to 5 months and 29 days in the Leon County jail. In June, Judge Gievers also sent Hash to jail for contempt. After the district court of appeal intervened, he was released after three days.

At issue is the custody of Hash's 16 year old son Alec. Judge Gievers has ordered Hash to have no contact with his son. She's also ordered Alec to appear in court, but he hasn't appeared and the judge is holding Hash responsible. His attorney is appealing the contempt finding.

By: Andy Alcock
June 11, 2013

Leon County, FL - Only Eyewitness News was there as Doctor Mark Hash was released from the Leon County Jail.

After spending nearly three days there, family, friends and his attorney greeted Hash.

"I think when you look at the facts of this case, that for the last year, my family and I have been living in a communist state," said Hash.

At issue is the custody of Hash's 16 year old son Alec.

Court records show Alec so desperately didn't want to be involved in the case, he married his 15 year old step sister Francia.

At a hearing, attorney David Chester argued to Judge Karen Gievers she had no standing to take the case because Alec, by his marriage, is an adult.

"Her response was to order no contact and order him to go to relatives in Alabama," said Chester.

Instead, Alec went to Georgia.

When Judge Gievers ordered Alec to appear in court last week and he didn't come, court records show the judge found his father in contempt of court, even though Judge Gievers had ordered no contact with his son.

The judge then ordered Mark Hash to jail and noted the only way he could be released was if Alec turned himself in to the Leon County Juvenile Detention Center.

"She went so far beyond the boundaries of her jurisdiction that no one can understand how she thinks she could do that," said Chester.

Florida's First District Court of Appeal ordered Hash's immediate release from jail, vacated the contempt finding and ordered no further action by Judge Gievers in the case until ordered by the court.

We attempted to get comment from Judge Gievers.

However, due to the pending nature of the case, we were told she could not comment.

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