World Diabetes Day: Have You Been Tested?

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By: Bailey Myers
November 14th, 2013

Tallahassee FL- You may have noticed an abundance of people wearing blue today, it's to support 'world diabetes day.'

According to the 'international diabetes federation'-- the number of diabetes cases is continuing to rise. it's expected to effect 592-million people by 2035.

It has doctors in Tallahassee speaking out to raise awareness, and pushing for people to be tested for the condition.

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, Dawn Smith explained, "So if we know that they have pre-diabetes now. There are things that we know that can prevent it. There's life style changes and some medications that will actually years later go on to prevent them from developing type two diabetes."

Symptoms of type two diabetes include excessive thirst, constant urination, blurry vision, or wounds taking longer than normal to heal. If you catch it during the pre-diabetes stages, doctors say you can ideally prevent the onset of the condition.

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