Dog Attacks Teen

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By Garin Flowers
July 17, 2013

Woodville, FL - A frightening moment for a teen-- he says he was jogging in his neighborhood-- when two dogs suddenly attacked.

"I'm a little drugged up, I'm on my pain pills." There were few words from 18-year-old George Gilliam who no longer feels comfortable in his Woodville neighborhood.

On Monday, he says he was attacked by two dogs while jogging on Green Fountain Drive.

Nikki Dickey is George's mother... She says it was a nearby neighbor whose dogs attacked her son.

The family who owns the dogs has not been charged with anything, but Dickey says Leon County Animal Control removed one dog from the family-- the one that did the biting.

Nikki, speaking about Animal Control: "They were explaining to them the laws... Y'all should at all times keep them on a leash or you should have had them in a fenced area."

After the incident, George received care and Tetanus shots from the hospital, and is recovering.

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