Dog Fight Caught on Camera

Julie Montanaro
April 2, 2014

A dog fight caught on camera has landed a Tallahassee man behind bars.

We got a copy of this video from the state attorney's office. Police say it was taken at a home on Americana Street last month.

Officers say it shows a man in a jacket baiting two pit bulls into a fight.

Officers say you can hear the man repeatedly saying "Get 'em" and leading the black and white dog with the chain.

The brown pit bull, the officer wrote, had wounds on both sides of his face.

"It's being instigated that they fight and injure each other, and that's obviously bad for the animal, painful for the animal," said prosecutor Georgia Cappleman. "These animals were kept in very, very abysmal conditions and this office takes that really seriously."

56 year old Paul Brooks was arrested and accused of two felony counts of dog fighting.

The dogs were seized as evidence and are still at the Animal Service Center.

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