Dog Shot At Close Range Now Needs New Home

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By: Kara Duffy
October 30, 2013

Cairo, GA - Jack may look like your ordinary lovable dog, but those who know him say he's much more.

Last Tuesday, a group of coworkers found the husky mix wandering the streets of downtown Pelham, Georgia.

"When they went out for break, he was on the sidewalk," said Kimberly Green an employee at the Animal Medical Center in Cairo. "He appeared to be limping, a little drainage coming from the back leg he was limping on and so skinny; some of the employees fed them their lunch because they felt so sorry for him."

When Jack arrived to the Animal Medical Center in Cairo, doctors learned he had been shot with a birdshot, at point blank range, between three to four weeks ago.

Veterinarians were forced to amputate his leg.

"There was a lot of injury to that leg once the shot went in, the pellets just scattered all throughout his leg and shattered several bones," Green said.

Although Jack lost his leg, those who have been by his side say he never lost his charm.

"He's the sweetest thing," said Bonnie Smith who works at the Animal Medical Center as well as the Second Chance Animal Rescue. "He came in sweet; laying there in pain and he's just like, 'Oh God, just touch me, pet me, love me."

"He has such a great personality," Green added. "He is loving. He has a pep to his step."

When asked what her hope was for Jack, Smith said, "To get in an awesome home, with some awesome kids to play with, and to have a good long life."

Jack was finally well enough to be transferred to the Second Chance Animal Rescue in Cairo Wednesday afternoon.

He is now available for adoption and is looking for his forever home.

If you would like to make Jack a part of your family or if you would like to make a donation to help pay for Jack's medical needs call the Animal Medical Center at 229-377-2060.

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