Dog Returned To Owner After Two-Year Separation

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By: Emily Johnson

February 7, 2014, 5:30pm

After two years of separation, the owner of a stolen dog will finally be reunited with her beloved pet.

Cuddles is on his journey back home, all thanks to a microchip.

"I said, 'With that chip, somebody is going to wind up turning him in eventually'," said Sandra Thomas, dog owner.

And that is exactly what happened.

Sandra Thomas lives in Louisiana, and her poodle-mix dog, Cuddles, was stolen from her home.

Two years later, Cuddles was found roaming the streets of Tallahassee.

"A Good Samaritan picked him up and brought him into us. First thing that we do with any dog or cat that is a stray is we're going to check them for a microchip," said Sondra Brown, DVM, Northwood Animal Hospital.

Northwood Animal Hospital immediately called the owner who was brought to tears from hearing the good news.

"Oh my gosh, I can't wait. I'm just elated when I received the call," said Thomas.

Thomas is an elderly woman who is not able to drive to Tallahassee to pick up her long lost pet.

However, the stars aligned when one of Dr. Brown's other clients heard the story and offered to bring Cuddles back to his owner.

"Yeah, I mean, I think it's really exciting for the owner. I'm always happy to help out, so it was a good opportunity to help somebody in need," said Jenna Scott, who drove Cuddles back to his owner.

Dr. Brown says because Cuddles has a microchip, they were able to retrieve contact information and trace him back to his owner.

"That microchip can't be removed, and it's there for years and years; all you have to do is scan it," said Dr. Brown.

On Friday, Cuddles will make the 400-mile journey home.

After years of being apart, Cuddles and Thomas will once again be reunited.

Dr. Brown encourages all pet owners to have their pets microchipped. It's an inexpensive and quick procedure that could help your dog find it's way home if it ever gets lost.

As for Cuddles, his owner plans to throw him a welcome home party when he arrives.

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