Damp Weather Puts Damper On Visits To Parks And Pools

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By Garin Flowers
July 24, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - We've had rain 35 out of the last 39 days and area businesses say it's taking a serious toll, washing out customers.

Swimming is a popular pastime in Florida, but pools as of late look more and more empty.

"You don't have to stay inside and just play board games or watch TV, you can come out to the pool, have fun in the pool," said Leslie Adams, aquatics director for the city of Tallahassee.

The Trousdell Aquatics Center in Tallahassee says rain is impacting the number of visitors coming through.

"We have seen a little bit of a reduction in the number of people coming to the pools, I think people have seen that it's raining outside and typically people may not want to go swimming," Adams said.

You can still go out and hit the water, just not when it's lightning outside.

"We have a state of the art lightning detection system," she added.

Locals businesses are feeling the downpour as well. Just ask Rebecca Kelly, owner of the street chefs food truck.

"Oh gosh, the rain has the worst affect on our business. June 27th was our last positive sales date until last Thursday, so July 18," Kelly said.

Singing 'rain rain go away' may not do anything, but Kelly has other plans in place to make up for the lack of business.

"We've been running some catering specials, doing some drop off caterings for local offices and businesses, we've been teaching some cooking classes, anything we can to try and just get some revenue coming in."

For more information on Street Chefs, go to their website: www.streetchefs.com

For more information on the Trousdell Aquatics Center, go to their website: http://www.talgov.com/parks/parks-aquatics-trous.aspx

By Garin Flowers
July 24, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The rain can be a big hassle and local businesses can tell you that.

And so can city employees. The nonstop rain this summer has put a damper on people visiting local pools and parks.

The Trousdell Aquatic Center in Tallahassee is run by the city. No one is out swimming but several lifeguards are out here working.

So the city has a simple message for people: Don't let the rain stop your fun outdoors. Just because its raining doesn't mean you can't go swimming.

The Aquatics Director says the numbers have gone down this summer which has seen nothing but rain and more rain.

They say you can still swim during the rain as long as its not lightning outside. They have a state of the art lightning detector here so you wouldn't have to worry about figuring that out on your own.

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