St. Marks Gets New Look [SLIDE SHOW]

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

June 25, 2013

St. Marks, FL - Fishing out of St. Marks River attracts many tourists.
Downtown St. Marks wants to bring in the money with its many landmarks.

"Your blood pressure goes down, your worries sort of disappear just a wonderful place to visit just a wonderful place just to come and relax," said Senator Bill Montford.

Senator Bill Montford calls it a Florida treasure and now with the new paved streets, sidewalks and lights posts. The city is looking to bring in some cash. Tuesday, the city cut the ribbon to introduce the new look.

"We are hoping local businesses will expand and offer more opportunities economically for this town," said Charles Shields, a St. Marks Mayor

"We want to get people walking and exercising," said Zoe Mansfield, St. Marks City Manager

After years of waiting for funds, the city received the Federal grant to fix downtown. Before, the area didn't have a sidewalk and rocks paved the way to their main street.

"St. Marks is coming to its own more and more and more and for hundred years it never changed and some change is good and some change is bad but the things that are happening in saint marks are good stuff," said Ray Boles, a St. Marks Resident

With other Federal funds, the city is finishing up a boardwalk near St. Marks River.

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