Downtown Tallahassee Looks to Expand it's Boundaries

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Tallahassee, FL - One area of Tallahassee may be expanding. The Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority (TIDA) presented ideas to the City Commission on how they plan to make downtown the first choice for locals and visitors to dine, shop and socialize. According to Jay Revell, the Executive Director of TIDA, "there are great people here downtown on a daily basis. We want to make sure that everybody sees that, understands that and most importantly, wants to be part of it."

The Tallahassee Downtown Improvement Authority is a special taxing district that has been in existence since 1971. They work in partnership with the city of Tallahassee, the CRA and other interested parties to improve the quality of the downtown area. City Commissioner, Andrew Gillum says the question is simple. He asks "what are the holes we need to fill to get people living, working and playing in downtown Tallahassee."

According to Revell, there is a recent influx of urban development helping to generate a lot of economic activity which leads to the question, what is considered downtown? He says "traditionally people think about Downtown-Get-Down, Adams Street, Kleman Plaza, Monroe Street and now you are starting to see new projects like Hotel Duval, the new Walgreen's, the new Four Points by Sheraton and you are going to see a new Urban Outfitters coming to town."

One of the goals of the TDIA is to expand the area that is traditionally considered downtown to include new businesses, however, those new business would also be subject to paying an additional tax. Gillum says "we want to take those boundaries down so it brings in places like Hotel Duval, that it brings in places like possibly Masa at the boundaries of where Mid Town begins, and get those folks associating and branding themselves as part of the new and improved downtown Tallahassee."

So what does this mean for members of the Tallahassee community and those who live outside of city limits? According to Revell, “you are going to see incredible new restaurants, bars, new facilities, all happening right around our traditional downtown." At this point the TDIA as not launched the campaign to expand just yet. Their focus at the moment is to get a consensus on how to continue downtown development trends.

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