Dozier Boys Speak Out For Justice

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

Marianna, FL--What are the stories of the boys buried under the old oak? At a press conference Saturday, some former students of the Arthur G. Dozier Schools for Boys in Marianna, Florida are speaking out about their memories of the cruelty they endured.

"Children are beat, raped, abused, and work like slaves," said Arthur Huntley, a former student.

"Every time he would hit me it would suck the skin from my behind," said Johnny Lee Gaddy, a Former Student.

"They had dogs there in case you run away, the dogs track you down," said a former student.

Former students from the Panhandle reform school say, they are speaking out for those who do not have a voice, those boys buried in the woods.

"We are not here to grieve, we are here to wake up America concerning Dozier, that is why we are here," said a former student.

"There is layers of injustice here besides the alleged murders and brutality against black and white boys," said Antoinette Harell, who coordinated the event.

The men that came back to recall their painful memories did not recognize the area.

Shrubs of green line the area, which use to be pristine and when the boys now men look back all they want is closure.

"Exhume the bones of the Dozier reform school," said Richard Huntley, a former student.

"Those old dry bones are going to speak and we are going to seek justice," said Harell.

The former students are asking Governor Rick Scott's approval for U-S-F researchers to exhume the bodies at the Dozier School. Scott and the members of the Florida Cabinet will consider the request at their August 6TH meeting.

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