Dream Defenders Kept Out of Courtroom

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By: Mike Springer
April 12, 2013

Tallahassee, FL- After several warnings, members of the Dream Defenders were escorted out of the Leon County Court House. They came to support two convicted murderers and instead they got shown the door.

"We have as much right to be in there as anyone else does. It's our First Amendment Right," said Michael Sampson with the Dream Defenders.

The social justice group is backing Rodrizgus and Antonio Richardson. A jury convicted both brothers of murder in February and they are now each serving a life-sentence.

Friday their attorneys appealed the conviction. The group doesn't know the brothers personally. But it says it knows injustice when it sees it.

"It's a clear case of two young, black men getting railroaded through the system without any evidence that they're guilty," said Sampson.

The group says its presence isn't a distraction and it isn't going anywhere until justice is served.

"It's important I feel for the judge and the state to know that everybody in Tallahassee is actually taking interest in this case. We are involved and we care about what's happening with this case," said Sampson.

The judge wouldn't say why the group wasn't allowed in. He declined our request for an interview.

The motions to overturn the Richardsons' convictions were denied. Their attorneys plan to appeal the judge's decision.

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