Dream Defenders Want Hearings And Increased Voter Registration

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson

August 8, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - The Dream Defenders chant and plead for their voices to be heard on day 24 of their stay at the Capitol. The activists are speaking out after Florida House Speaker Will Weatherford's decision to discuss Stand Your Ground Law in a legislative session, but the protesters say that is just one of many things needing change.

"We are grateful to give voice to stand your ground, but we got to remember that we came here on three issues to incorporate into Trayvon's Law," said Monique Gillum, from the Dream Defenders.

The organization is calling for a petition drive to get voters registered, additional hearings on racial profiling, and the school-to-prison pipeline.

"Keeping students in school and making students accountable for their actions," said Gillum.

"To register 61,651 voters by 20-14," said Phillip Agnew, from the Dream Defenders

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement call the sit-ins costly.

FDLE reports that the Capitol protests have cost more than 100-thousand dollars in overtime since the protests began.

But the defenders say, they are still determined and not going anywhere any time soon.

According to the activist group, the 'Stand Your Ground Law' hearing will take place in mid-September.

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