[UPDATE] GA Drug Bust leads to 27 Arrests

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UPDATE 3-17 6:25

Kelvin and Carlos Johnson are two of the 27 people arrested early Wednesday morning (3/16) in Donalsonville, Georgia.

" I have a nephew that was involved that they beat him in the house ... my sister's house," said Aunt of two arrested Bobby J. Johnson.

Deputies say the arrests come after a two year investigation involving numerous agencies.

Deputies said they seized twelve dogs that had marks all over them believed to be from dog fighting the pit bulls owners said that isn't true.

"There were drugs seized in some of the houses money was taken out of the house several vehicles confiscated," said Seminole County Sheriff Heath Elliott.

Deputies said the Johnsons were involved in a major cocaine pipeline that ran from Mexico to Florida to Donalsonville on its way to Atlanta.

"As I was told drugs were being flushed down the toilet once they finally made entry," said Elliot.

An entry these family members say was a little too extreme.

"Police brutality .. I got the blood to prove it off my nephew," said Johnson.

Sheriff Elliot said the officers acted accordingly and from his understanding no extreme measures were taken.

"They can't keep mistreating blacks they don't do it to whites," said Johnson.

Sheriff Elliot said the total worth of all the confiscated items hasn't been tallied yet but he said he's expecting its value to be in the millions.

Several of those arrested posted bond Thursday (3/17) in Albany, Georgia after making their first appearance in court.

However, deputies said an investigation is still ongoing and more arrests may follow.

Deputies from the Seminole County Sheriff's Office said a drug sting led drug force agencies to a dog fighting bust as well.

Deputies said on Wednesday, 27 people were arrested and 24 of those were from the Seminole County area.

Deputies said several pit bulls were seized from Stern Avenue and 13th Street and said the Humane Society in Atlanta will rescue and save the seized dogs. The investigation is on going.

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