Dump Truck Crashes Into Tallahassee Home [GALLERY]

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April 11, 2014

A large cement-type truck crashed into a home in Tallahassee.

It happened on Ridge Road around 6 last night.

We're told the crash happened at the bedroom of one of the children who lives there, but, not one was in the room at the time.

The next door neighbor, Luvina Lynn, says the truck first came through her yard, crashed into the front of her car, then went into the neighbor's home.

Lynn says, "I heard something say boom, bam. I came to the door. I didn't see my car, and I looked; all I could see was the back of that red asphalt truck and the front of it was high-way in those other people's house. And I said, Lord, have mercy."

The house has been deemed unsafe... a note on the door today says, "enter at your own risk."

No word from authorities if the truck driver was charged or injured.

By WCTV Eyewitness News

Tallahassee, Fla. -- A local family is pretty shaken up after a dump truck plowed through their home.

It happened around 6:30 yesteday evening on Ridge Road in Tallahassee.

Neighbors tell WCTV that the dump truck was coming around a curve when it hit another neighbor's car, before slamming into the house.

There were children inside the home at the time of the accident, but no one was hurt.

There is no word yet on the identity of the dump truck driver, what caused the crash, or if that driver faces any charges.

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