Woman Escapes Burning Home in Bainbridge

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Bainbridge, GA - "If I'd just stayed there a few minutes later, I mean I would have been dead. I mean, I wouldn't have made it; there's no way."

Dena Chandler is happy to be alive after the house she was living in caught fire early Friday morning.

"I was panicking," she said. "I just said, 'Well I got to get out of here, I got to find my way out of here,' and I was just feeling, and went out the front door."

It took crews from Decatur County Fire and Rescue and volunteer firefighters more than three hours to control the blaze.

Investigators from the Sheriff's Office say the fire could have started in the fire place or from faulty electrical wiring.

Chandler was injured in a fall prior to Friday's fire and those injuries made escaping the flames a challenge; but she managed to get out of the house without getting hurt.

"I fell to my knees and cried and I thanked the Lord you know, I told Him, 'Thank you for letting me get out,' and I just sat there and watched the whole house just collapse," Chandler said.

Despite the holidays being right around the corner and having no place to live, Chandler is trying to stay positive.

"I don't have anywhere to go, it's like night to night and I didn't even get to eat the night before last; I mean it's really been heartbreaking, but I thank the Lord everyday that I got out."

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