Local Educators Encourage Adults To Earn GED

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Moultrie, GA- Professors at Moultrie Technical College are encouraging adults to finish their GED testing. With a new version of the test on the horizon, students who haven't completed all five parts of the current version may have to start from scratch.

"We're trying to push students to finish up within the next six to eight months months and once you're awarded a GED, it's good for life," said Doug Hall, the lead instructor for GED prep classes at Moultrie Technical College.

The 2014 version of the GED test will be computerized and will focus on post-secondary education.

"We're wanting GED students to transition into some sort of training program or additional educational endeavors, so it's geared a little more towards that," Hall added.

Last year 19,000 adults in Georgia earned their GED and the U.S. Census Bureau says those people will stand to earn $10,000 more a year than someone without a GED or high school diploma.

However, some students say for them, the benefits go beyond the dollar signs.

"It has really improved my self esteem because I've always had a hard time in math, but Mr. Saturday who teaches out here, he is an absolute wonderful math teacher. He has brought me up a whole grade level in less than a month," said GED student, Kelly Wood.

Brittany Burgest is also going back to further her education. She said, "It's wonderful because you can have a great education and move forward in life so you can start building a great career."

For more information about Moultrie Tech’s Adult Education and GED test preparation program, call (229) 217-4182 in Moultrie, (229) 391-2615 in Tifton, (229) 567-8781 in Ashburn or (229) 777-2177 in Sylvester, or log on to www.moultrietech.edu/adulted.

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