Election Day Push to Get Students to the Polls

Eighty-seven percent of registered college students voted in 2008 according to The Campus Project. Local groups made election day efforts this year to once again get local students to the polls.

FSU Student Samantha Hurse knows the power of the young vote. She says, "Just here alone is 40,000 students, and this is just like a two-mile wide area. So, lots of kids, lots of votes, can change a lot of things."

This was the 18-year-old's first time voting. "This was the moment. Not going to college, voting at college, that was the moment." Says, Hurse.

Students with the organization Florida PIRG offered free food to students going to the polls at FSU.

FSU student Andrea Pimenteo is a part of the organization. She says, "We just need to get our voices out there and realize it does matter. We do have the power. Especially once we realize it, we become large numbers."

FSU student Patrice Devore is also with Florida PIRG. She says, "We are also going to the polls and just asking, have there been problems, are you having any difficulty voting?"

Students and volunteers at FAMU have been making sure students here don't have any excuses to not vote.

FAMU Student Joshua Dandridge says, "You can't go anywhere without five people asking you have you voted yet, or telling you to go vote, telling you where you need to vote, what you need to do. There are so many resources."

FAMU Student Julian Kemper says, "No matter who you're voting for, we've worked too hard, we've gone too far to just ignore this opportunity to make your voice heard."

The Campus Vote Project says youth voter turnout in the 2008 election was only two percentage points higher than in the 2004 election.

FAMU and FSU students say they hope their efforts bring forth a bigger jump for 2012.

FAMU reportedly has one of the highest voter turnouts on this election day in Leon County.

There will be an election night watch party at FAMU from 9:30 p.m. to midnight. It will be held at the Tookes Recreation Center.

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