Things are Heating Up on the Eve of Election Day

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If you haven't voted yet, you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Early voting ended on Saturday and Leon County's last minute absentee voting ended at 5pm.

Many people took advantage of today's in person, absentee voting in Leon County.

The Supervisor of elections doesn't have an official total for today as of now, but he says well over one thousand people have come here and casted ballots today.

The County had already broken the early voting record with more than 46,000 voters casting early ballots.

Supervisor of Elections Ion Sancho is expecting that momentum to spill over into election day tomorrow.

And with so many close races on the ballots, many voters I spoke with were eager to have their voices heard.

Towanda Davila-Davis, Leon County Absentee Voter, stated, "I think if everybody recognizes that your vote does matter and don't discount yourself and I think it just makes you feel good about you, that we have the opportunity to vote and I think we should take advantage of it."

Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. tomorrow.

Your polling site should be listed on your voter ID card. You'll also need a picture ID to cast your vote.

Things are heating up on the eve of election day.

And many Leon County voters took to the polls again today, for absentee voting.

It's now less than 24 hours, the long awaited presidential and local elections are here.

Many people like Nell Wright took advantage of Monday's in person absentee voting.

Nell Wright, Leon County Absentee Voter, "it was great, no line, it was no problem at all. I went in the wrong door."

We even found a former Lieutenant Governor at the polls absentee voting.

Bobby Brantley, Former Florida Governor, stated, "well, I don't think there's anything more important than people voting. We need to support the candidates of our choice but this is extremely important for our country."

The stakes in this year's election are high and the excitement shows from all of the large lines during early voting even breaking the record from 2008.

Ion Sancho, Leon County Supervisor of Elections, said, "well we're very very excited and pleased and thankful that the citizens of Leon County voted at such record numbers."

Early voters we spoke with were happy they expressed their freedom to vote and had words of wisdom for people who plan to vote Tuesday.

Nell Wright, Leon County Absentee Voter, "come early, have your ID and everything ready in hand and you shouldn't have a problem. Know your amendments, know who you're voting for and what you're voting for."

The supervisor of elections says 7 am to 9 am and 1 pm to 3 pm will be peak hours for voters. So if you can, go around those times.

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