Need Your Title & Can't Find It? Fear No More!

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Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Release

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you needed your vehicle or vessel title and couldn’t find it? Previously, to obtain a duplicate paper title, you had to visit a tax collector’s office and pay approximately $75. Now, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles offers an easier, cheaper and safer way to handle your titles.

DHSMV can hold your title electronically in an e-title. E-titles are motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel titles held in an electronic form by the Department. E-titles prove ownership of a motor vehicle, mobile home or vessel the same way a paper title does. An e-title also simplifies the communications between the vehicle owner, the lienholder and the agency.

An e-title also reduces title fraud.

“We’re using the power of our system to make it more convenient for consumers to conduct their business and their lives,” said DHSMV Executive Director Julie L. Jones. “E-titling eliminates paper and saves money, too.”

If you ever need a paper copy of your title, you can simply order it online at, or visit your local tax collector office and pay a $2.50 fee and have it mailed to you within three business days. Most tax collectors also offer same-day title printing for a fee of $10.

Florida consumers will see several benefits by maintaining their titles electronically:
1. You eliminate the risk of losing or misplacing a title.
2. You reduce the chance of fraud because potential thieves will not be able to access the title.
3. You cut the cost of replacing lost titles, with e-titles costing $2.50 versus $75 for a duplicate paper title.

To find out more about the benefits of electronically maintained titles, please visit our website at, go to “Handle It Online” and select “Print Your Electronic Title.”

You may not need to request a paper title prior to trading your vehicle with a Florida dealership. However, if you are selling your vehicle, with a private sale, you will need to request a paper title be printed in order to transfer ownership to
the private purchaser.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides highway safety and security through excellence in service, education and enforcement. The Department is leading the way to a safer Florida through the efficient and professional execution of its core mission: the issuance of driver licenses, vehicle tags and titles and operation of the Florida Highway Patrol.

To learn more about DHSMV and the services offered, visit, follow us on Twitter at @FDHSMV or find us on Facebook.

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