Electronics Stolen From Homes In Thomasville

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By:Emily Johnson
August 18, 2014

Thomasville, GA - Burglaries his several areas in Thomasville during the weekend and according to the police their target was electronics.

"Stole all of our TVs, and other electronics and a bunch of my wife's jewelry. It certainly makes you feel violated when you know someone has been in your private space specially when you have small children," said the homeowner of one of the houses that was robbed.

He didn't want to do an on-camera interview, but did give us a statement to help warn others.

The Thomasville Police Department said numerous TVs were stolen out of two homes located on Tuxedo Drive and Bluebird Avenue.

"From what we understand about the burglary on Bluebird Avenue, one of the doors was kicked in from the rear," said LT. Eric Hampton, Thomasville Police Department Spokesperson.

Police said three TVs were stolen out of the home on Bluebird Avenue, but on Tuxedo Drive the thieves took five TVs as well as valuable heirloom jewelry.

"Obviously those are things that have been passed down for many generations they are irreplaceable. Our best hope is to find out if they end up in one of these pawn shops or one of the places where they melt down gold. The police has been very cooperative and we'll just see what happens," said the homeowner.

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