Emancipation Celebration Presentation by Dr. Larry O. Rivers

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An accomplished graduate of Leon High School and FAMU returned to Tallahassee tonight to speak to a group of nearly thirty people.

Dr. Larry O. Rivers spoke about the importance of the Emancipation Proclamation and the origins of the Civil Rights Movement.

The historian also stressed the significance of studying and reflecting upon history to audience members at the Dr. B.L. Perry Jr. Library.

"There's an old saying that, 'All history is contemporary history' so really when we look at history we should always be reflecting on not only the mistakes in the past, but also the celebration of the accomplishments of the past. I think that continues to effect us everyday here within the city of Tallahassee", Dr. River's said.

Dr. River's presentation was part of Leon County's month-long Emancipation Celebration.

For more information about the upcoming events, visit http://museumoffloridahistory.com or www.leoncountyfl.go/library

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