Employee Fights Back After Being Held At Gunpoint During Robbery

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By: Kara Duffy
February 28, 2013

Thomasville, GA - The search is on for the man Thomasville Police say attempted to rob Chicken Delite along West Jackson Street Wednesday night.

The masked gunman, however, left empty handed and possibly with a bruise or two.

Jack Spencer was the employee working at the time. He said he went out back to empty the buckets of grease and when he returned, the masked man was inside.

Spencer said, the suspect pointed a revolver in his face and demanded money.

That's when Spencer says, his instincts took over. He quickly grabbed a knife that was sitting on the counter and went after the gunman.

The men fought for just a few seconds, before the suspect ran off into the alley.

Investigators believe the suspect then took off in a car.

Because the man was wearing a mask, police do not have much information to work with.

"We did talk to some staff at a nearby business who said they did see a male that was acting suspicious earlier, just prior to this incident."

Investigators say, they're hoping surveillance video from that store can give them the lead they need to make an arrest.

Anyone with information should contact Thomasville Police at (229) 227-3304.

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