Erik Estrada Makes Appearance At Valdosta Church

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By: Elizabeth Nickerson
September 22, 2013

Valdosta, GA - The cop that we all know and love came to Journey Church in Valdosta, Georgia for a showing of his new flick about child predators on the Internet called 'Finding Faith'. The crowd piled in to get some autographs and photos with Erik Estrada.

"I want to ask him how is the celebrity life? If he gets attacked all the time or whatever," said one Valdosta fan.

The pastor and church members say the positive message of online safety is refreshing coming from Hollywood.

"The mission of protecting the children matches well with what our desire would be," said Jimmy Baughcum, Pastor of Journey Church.

"I think it's really good for our parents to see it here in our church and for the youth to see that it could happen, and just to be very careful," said Jonathan Chancy, a church member.

The director and composer Dean Haskins says it was tough producing the music for the film.

"Dark subject-- so the music had to reflect that, so I had to do some pilings and stylings of music that I have not played with before," said Dean Haskins, the director of Finding Faith.

The subject matter in the film hits close to home to those in attendance.

"That would be my every nightmare," said Valdostan, Darcy Gunter.

The next stop for the film tour will be at the Ten Mile Creek Baptist Church in Baxley, Georgia.

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