Ever Wish You Could Stop Time? Serve On the Time Capsule Committee!

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Leon County Board of County Commissioners Release

To mark the 500th anniversary of Juan Ponce de Leon’s arrival to Florida in 1513, Leon County is requesting citizen input on a time capsule. The State of Florida’s 2013 Viva Florida celebration, as well as the Florida Department of State, will provide all 67 Florida counties a time capsule to collect items that uniquely represent each community. The capsules are required to be sealed by December 31, 2013.

As a result, the Leon County Board of County Commissioners has established the Viva Florida Time Capsule Committee. The committee will be comprised of seven Leon County residents -- one appointment per Commissioner -- and will be responsible for recommending and collecting the items for the time capsule.

“The citizens of Leon County know all the things that make our community a unique place, like our canopy roads, our parks and our libraries -- just to name a few,” said Leon County Commission Chairman Nick Maddox. “The true beauty of our County is timeless. The beauty of the natural resources hasn’t changed much in 500 years, and as a Board, we are charged with preserving this beauty for generations to come.”

Additionally, the committee will focus on gathering public input to determine appropriate items that capture the events, policies, literature and technologies that shape the community of Leon County. The committee will determine when the time capsule should be opened, whether it be 20 years, 50 years or later. Within 60 days of its appointment, the committee will complete its work with a presentation of the proposed items for the time capsule to the Board of County Commissioners.

Individuals interested in serving on Leon County’s Viva Florida Time Capsule Committee must fill out an online application at www.leoncountyfl.gov/committees no later than Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

For more information, contact Christine Coble, Leon County Agenda Coordinator, at (850) 606-5300 / CobleC@LeonCountyFL.gov or Jon D. Brown, Director of Leon County Community and Media Relations, at (850) 606-5300 / cmr@LeonCountyFL.gov .

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