FAMU Accountability Report: Student Retention Increases

FAMU is reaching its goal in trying to keep students on campus. The retention rate is just one of the benchmarks administrators reviewed this morning when approving the university's accountability report.

One of FAMU's top goals is to increase the retention rate. The school's accountability report shows the school is doing just that.

FAMU Interim President Dr. Larry Robinson says, "That's moving in the right direction."

The board of trustees approved FAMU's annual Accountability Report Thursday.

Administrators say the retention rate has slightly gone up from 79 to 80 percent; and for students with a 3.0 GPA or higher, the rate rose from 59 percent in 2010-11 to 65 percent in 2011-2012.

Dr. Robinson says, "For those students who come to us with various talents, our faculty and staff are doing a great job in getting these young men and women to be productive citizens."

The Florida Board of Governors requires all state universities to submit an annual accountability report and work plan.

Administrators say together the reports form one of the primary vehicles for accountability for each state university.

Dr. Robinson says FAMU's other goals include enhancing visibility and productivity as a doctoral research university, and increasing on-line courses and on-line academic degree programs.

Dr. Narayan Persaud, the faculty member on the board of trustees, says, "We are serous about our students and we are serous about our students' progress."

The Board of Governors still has to approve the report. The BOG meets January 16th in Gainesville.

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