FAMU Boosters Protest Football Parking Changes

By: Lanetra Bennett
August 8, 2013

Tallahassee, Fl - FAMU Boosters are protesting changes made to reserved parking at football games.

The cost to park at Bragg Memorial Stadium has doubled.

Bill Tucker says usually he'd have his FAMU Football season tickets and his parking pass by now. But, not this year.

Tucker is joining a protest against a change that would make him pay double what he used to pay for reserved parking at Bragg Memorial Stadium.

He says, "I have to walk a mile or two miles to get to the stadium. We enjoy being at the stadium. I hate to see all of that go away."

Those in the $250 "Venom" Boosters membership now have to park in the campus parking garage. To keep reserved parks at the stadium, Boosters have to upgrade to the "Diamondback" membership for $500.

Concerned Booster Leila Walker says, "The garage is not reserve parking. It's scramble parking and it's quite a distance from the stadium to the gate. We have elderly members, disabled members."

Those who disagree with the changes say having to park in the parking garage also takes away their ability to tailgate where they park like they're used to doing.

"We want to be able to continue to tailgate with our friends, have fun, support Rattler football, which of course, will support athletics." Walker, says.

With "Venom" membership making up 60 percent of Boosters, those protesting say their refusal to pay under the new rules could hurt the athletics department's pocket.

The Boosters Director, Mickey Clayton, says roughly $255,000 or 65 percent of the Boosters money went to athletics last fiscal year.

Clayton says Boosters membership is actually up 75 percent from last year and ahead 25 percent of the average.

He also points out that this season's football ticket sales are up almost 30 percent.

Clayton says Boosters memberships help pay for the stadium's jumbo-tron, the Coach Holmes TV show, Rattler Network, the Al Lawson Center, among other things.

Interim President Dr. Larry Robinson says administrators will take a look at the protesters' parking concerns.

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