'Why Now?' Wonder FAMU Fans Over Coach Leaving

Tallahassee, FL - November 8, 2012 - FAMU football fans say they just don't understand why Coach Joe Taylor would resign now-- right before the last and biggest games of the season.

"A winner never quits" says Tallahassee resident Willie Hill.

Hill says he knew that FAMU Head Football Coach Joe Taylor was resigning. But, he didn't know it was going to be right away. He says, "Finish out the year, then you leave. You don't just step down like that. It's one of the biggest games that we have. Now we don't have a head coach. I think that's a very awful decision."

Longtime FAMU fan Thomas Taylor says, "He should at least wait until the end of the season, because without a coach, they're going to have to find a coach somewhere. That's going to put them in a strain, and on the players, too. I guess they would feel like he kind of deserted them in the time of need."

FAMU student Mike Fuller is not a football player, but, says Coach Taylor was his mentor. He says, "I was going through some tough times. But, you helped me through it, man."

Fuller says he wouldn't be in college if it weren't for Taylor. "It don't make no sense when we got two games left. Wish you could stay. But, if you feel like you need to go, I'm pretty sure you got a good reason. So, who am I to tell you, no." Fuller, says.

Fans say Taylor is needed for two of biggest games of the year coming up -- homecoming and the Florida Classic in Orlando.

Hill says, "When the water gets a little rough, you don't bail out. You ride it out. Ride the storm out."

Many fans say no matter who will be on the sidelines, they'll still be in the stands.

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