FAMU Grads Walk The Stage For Fall 2013 Commencement

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The lives of hundreds of FAMU students changed on Friday. They took a walk across the stage at the Al Lawson Gym and now enter into the next chapter.

FAMU's Fall commencement was a time for celebration, laughter and learning. Soon-to-be graduates heard the words of Sonia Myles Jackson, an author, corporate exec and FAMU alum.

"I changed my attitude and I tell you, I changed my life," Jackson said.

John and Sharon Williams from Miami were honored at the ceremony - not as graduates - but for having four children successfully graduate from FAMU.

"For me, I push education for all four of my kids. It was a priority you know, education came first," Sharon said.

"We install in them and let them know that education was first and that's what they need to be able to make it in life," John said.

Their two sons, John and Gerald, completed their degrees this semester. Their two daughters finished previously.

"It feels amazing. My parents have done a lot for us and you know they just been pushing me everyday, everyday to do my best and without them, I wouldn't be here, right now at this moment," Gerald said.

"We didn't come from a real big background as far as financially wise, so to be able to come over here and all four of us come over here out of the same household and get four different degrees, it's awesome. Just a great feeling to have and a great feeling for our family," John said.

As the graduates move on, they were charged to make a difference and not forget where they come from.

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