FAMU Hazing Workshop

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Tallahassee, FL - A documentary about gangs is being used as a tool to teach students about the harmful affects of hazing.

Right now students and staff are watching a documentary about gangs, particularly about the filmaker's daughter and her fight to get out of a gang.

The School of Sociology is using the movie at the pharmacy school to show an example of all group violence, which includes hazing.

Since the University has hosted a number of events like this, we have seen other groups post Robert Champion be accused of hazing.

Robert champion was the Marching 100 drum major killed during a hazing ritual last November while the band was away on a trip.

Just last month Alpha Kappa Psi, the business fraternity at FAMU was suspended by the school, then by its national organization for allegations of hazing.

There was also a criminal investigation into the group the 'Kappa Psi Psi' Healthcare Sorority and G Phi Step Team - charges all later dropped by Police.

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