FAMU Head Baseball Coach Fighting Hazing Accusations

FAMU's head baseball coach has been placed on leave while he fights hazing accusations.

He tells Eyewitness News that he did not mistreat any of his players.

Coach Willie Brown says, "This couldn't have happened at a worse time."

FAMU student Samone Jay agrees. She says, "I saw, I was like, really? We don't need that. That's more fuel to the fire. Our school is going through so much. Constantly, constantly talked about."

Brown has been placed on leave because of hazing allegations.

He's accused of mistreating a player on the team; and making degrading comments about the player's weight and sexual orientation.

Brown says, "No, no. It's not in my character. I've got too many people in the community; I've got too many people that have helped me get where I am. It's not in my character."

Brown says he did not treat the player differently from anyone else.

His lawyer reports having sworn statements from other players on the baseball team saying the coach did not mistreat anyone. Reports say three players said the person accusing Brown of misconduct threatened to retaliate against Brown if he cut him from the team.

FAMU Student Nicolette Bellamy says, "It is definitely ruining FAMU's name. I go here and every time my mom hears about my school, or my grandparents--I'm Jamaican, so they're all the way in Jamaica and they hear about it. They're like, Nicolette, what's going on with your school."

A FAMU spokesperson says administrators are conducting a thorough investigation.

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