FAMU, FSU Move-In Day

By: Lanetra Bennett
August 21, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - A survey of the top Carnegie Institutions ranks FSU number seven in residence hall satisfaction and number two in satisfaction for campus hall programming.

Wednesday, the first wave of thousands of students began moving into to those dorms before classes start Monday, August 26th.

Things seemed to go smoothly for everyone. FSU officials were on-hand assisting with traffic, unloading and directions.

But, instead of "Move-in Day," it could've been called, "hard to say goodbye day", because the parents we spoke to all described the experience of dropping their kids off, as bitter sweet.

Kathi Cruz is somewhat comforted to know that her daughter will have a small piece of home with her at FSU.

"She brought her fish. She left her cat behind. They had a long farewell." Cruz says.

Cruz drove her daughter from Ocala to start her first semester of college.

"I don't know how people do it. I guess it'll be easier with the next one."

It doesn't necessarily get easier, say many of the parents helping their kids move into their dorms Wednesday.

Marcelo Sempe just went through this last year with one son at the University of Florida. Now his son, Paul, is starting at FSU.

Sempe says, "He's the last one leaving the nest, so it's kind of sad. But, at the same time, it's a good opportunity for him and we're real happy."

This is Melanie Furjanic's third time sending a child off to college.

Her daughter, Allison, is moving from Philadelphia.

Furjanic says, "It's exciting; a little nerve racking. Her brother's in New York and her sister's in New Jersey. So, they're much closer to home. So, this is the first experience having a child far, very far away."

Allison says, "At first I was a little nervous just because it is far from home. But, it is exciting. It's beautiful here; there's palm trees which is really awesome. I think it'll be really exciting."

FSU's student affairs vice president says students who live on campus are more active and have higher GPAs.

Administrators say the residence halls house 6,400 students and will be at full capacity this semester.

Students from near and far wasted no time in getting moved in at FAMU Wednesday. They had plenty of help from other students, all the way up to the "head Rattler"!

FAMU Interim President Dr. Larry Robinson helped students move into the campus dorms.

He says, "This is hard work. It's helped by the fact that we have so many other generous volunteers within our student body and our staff who are altogether making this possible."

Sophomore Emmanuel Nelson was grateful for the outpouring of assistance... and was especially honored that Dr. Robinson carried his microwave to his room in Sampson Hall.

Nelson says, "That's amazing. It's nothing short of the grace of God. That goes to show that he actually does care about the people that are attending his university."

Mechar McGregor from Miami says it's emotional dropping off her first-born child to become a college freshman.

She says, "When he was checking in, I was over at the truck, saying oh, my God, I'm really going to leave my son here to live. I won't be able to walk in his room at night and have a conversation with him."

A chat with Dr. Robinson helped. Dr. Robinson stopped to greet McGregor while students helped her and her son, Wayne, unload their truck and move into the dorm room.

McGregor says, "That means he's getting out to meet the students. He's not someone who's just going to sit in his office and that makes me feel a whole lot better."

FAMU administrators say 2,381 students are expected to stay in the campus' eleven dorms this fall.

Wednesday was move-in day for Samson, Gibbs, Young and Paddyfote.

The full schedule for FAMU dorms is below.

FAMU 2013-2014 Dorm Move-In Schedule

On August 21st - Samson, Gibbs, Young and Paddyfote
On August 22nd - Cropper, Diamond, McGuinn, Truth
On August 23rd - The Palmettos
On August 24th - Anyone who missed their scheduled day.

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