FAMU Hosts Olympics for Students

June 20, 2014 Alicia Turner
June 20, 2014

More than 15 buses rolled on to the FAMU campus Friday morning for some special competition.
These competitions are a part of the Florida Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel.

Devin Young, a senior out of Tampa, Florida says it’s a good way to be exposed to new things.

"You get to interact with other students from upward bound, you get to participate in sports and games that you don’t play or practice in your daily routine or your daily life,” said Young

Events ranged from sports on the field like soccer, volleyball and basketball, to board games on the table like checkers, chess and spades. In totals students had a choice of 18 activities to choose from.

Xaria Richardson is a rising junior at Florida high in Florida State University’s C.A.R.E program and says she was able to play chess for the first time. Richardson said she was sad to admit she lost to a veteran player but she also said, for her, simply being in the program means so much more.

"It gives me an opportunity that my parents didn’t have growing up and I get to have a future in college,” Richardson said.

According to Jovany Felix, who is the chair of the Olympic Games at FAMU, Trio programs like C.A.R.E and upward bound are meant to motivate and support students who are at a disadvantage

"The program is geared towards first generation low income students, and it's basically designed to help them get into college. There are numerous programs in Florida and so we invite all these programs to one campus to just compete at the end of their summer program,” said Felix.

This was the first year since they’re start 45 years ago that they've ever been held on FAMU's campus.

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